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Offshore Support

Offshore Support

As the offshore industry in South-East-Asia continues to thrive, GBS is positioned to offer support in many capacities – mobilization of specialized equipment and personnel – for the marine, oil and gas industry.

Towage Management

Towage Management

Towage Management (Tow Coordinators) - With a multifunctional team combining years of maritime experience, we integrate all aspects of the towage process under one synchronized management program. With our Tow Manuals always in accordance to ensure smooth approvals by Marine Warranty Surveyors (MWS).

Tow Masters and Crew – Clients can be assured that our Tow Masters have vast local knowledge coupled with years of technical experience. Furthermore, our Tow masters develop the passage plan taking into account all safety considerations and strong marine knowledge.

Marine Advisors – Onboard to provide consultative advice and aid the Master and his Officers as expert local knowledge is required, depending on the specifics of the offshore job.

Marine Communicators – Our marine communicators are highly conscientious when it comes to relaying messages, providing commentary and liaison between the multi parties of local port authorities, superintendent office, technical office, Master and stakeholders involved with the offshore operations.

HAZID / HAZOP – Full hazard identification and operational hazard inspection services are available and will be administered by fully certified professionals.

We have built a credible reputation in recent years for our Towage Management for marine vessels such as Bulk Carriers, Tankers, VLCC, and for the oil and gas upstream vessels such as FPSO, FSO and Drillships.

Appointed Agent for Mammoet Salvage in the Philippines


Globe Bulk Services is proud to serve Mammoet Salvage as appointed regional representative under an exclusive partnership in The Philippines.

Mammoet Salvage forms a core component of the globally recognized Dutch group of companies known as Mammoet BV. As the world's leading specialist in engineered heavy lifting and multimodal transport solutions, Mammoet has established a prestigious reputation for salvage after the successful recovery of the Kursk nuclear submarine in 2001. Projects range from routine salvage, wreck removal, cargo recovery and emergency response operations to unique and highly specialised salvage projects.