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Project Management

Project Management

Project Cargo

Project cargo can generally be defined as the overall organizational process of transporting items that would otherwise be seen as too complex for traditional transportation methods. Specialized requirements such as unconventional size, weight, the value of the cargo or even if it is hazardous usually require integrated logistics and project management. It is under these circumstances that the term ‘project cargo’ becomes applicable. In certain specialized industries such as construction, oil & gas and mining there is usually a prominence for project cargo transportation due to the specialist nature and economic value of equipment.

Globe Bulk Services provides extensive project management services to our range of clients across different industries. Through management, coordination and consultation we are able to apply our extensive contextual knowledge of offshore marine to confront complex logistics conditions. Additionally, with our invaluable experience we are able to diagnose operational scenarios and offer strategic solutions, as well as planning the relevant phases of the project. Our assessment of geographical and infrastructural variables allow us to provide a succinct and streamlined service. We believe obsessive attention to detail and meticulous customer service to be the prevailing factors in project management of this magnitude.

Project Based Services

In line with our principles of customization, we are rightly-tuned to provide our services to a number of projects, in and around South-East Asia. Globe Bulk Services is becoming a trusted appointee for many project based services in the region.

Many of our most esteemed projects tend to follow a similar evolutionary path, with the first major phase usually beginning with our prospective clients being awarded or commissioned a project based on tender. As an established name within the industry GBS will be appointed based on our distinguished resume that includes multiple illustrious maritime projects.

As customization is a predominant principle in how we conduct our services, meticulous attention to detail is given to any special requirements in the projects we are appointed. Our marine service professionals will provide diagnosis, arbitration, consultation and a proposed strategy for client consideration.

All standard operating procedures will be followed in accordance with protocol and laws. Additionally, we can seamlessly liaise with all relevant stakeholders and local bodies such as project owners, project managers and various government departments.

A notable project that fully illustrates our maritime capabilities is our deep involvement in the phases of Singapore’s national land reclamation projects. As agents and coordinators for the owners and charterers of the bulk carriers calling at the designated locations, GBS was responsible for their vessels. Moreover, with mixed interests of stakeholders and the presence of various risks in this specialized project, smooth communication was imperative. GBS has since been credited with flexibility and customization in providing the smooth transition of a project that is of national importance.

GBS provides extensive logistical and ancillary support services for offshore vessels (OSV), to support the heightened offshore activity in the region. Additionally, the Mobilization and De-mobilization of offshore vessels can be coordinated at the request of clients. Furthermore, we can provide monitoring and superintendence for fabrication and new building projects.

At GBS we encompass extensive project based services and continue to extend our customized approach to meeting the most stringent of operational complexities.