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Ship Agency

Ship Agency

Our comprehensive Ship Agency services allow us to assume overall handling on your behalf, all aspects pertaining to your specific requirements and interests.

With outstanding local knowledge and our strength in our network relationships, we make your port call as streamlined and hassle free as possible. Our marine professionals combine years of expert experience and pride ourselves on excellent service performance.

All of our ship agency services are customized depending on a range of needs and we proactively encourage our clients to approach us with their requirements no matter the size and complexity.

  • Pre-Arrival communication and arrangements.
  • Arrival coordination and arrangements.
  • Port Stay supervision and arrangements
  • Departure coordination and arrangements
  • Documentation processing such as BL, SOF, LOU, NOA, etc
  • Frequent liaising and updates to Clients Office and Reps
  • Handling Cash-To-Master and Crew matters
  • Onboard attendances
  • Certification renewals
  • Reports submissions
  • Providing updates on port situation
  • Assisting with any post-call issues