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SAZ Motor Oil

Globe Bulk Services (GBS) Philippines is the Exclusive Distributor of SAZ MOTOR OIL products with NANO TECHNOLOGY an innovative engine oil for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

In the world of Science & Technology, Nano Technology is the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all fields, such as chemistry, biology and engineering. Nano Technology is the understanding and control of matter where a unique phenomenon enhances the properties of the matter. Therefore, having the advantages of enhanced properties such as higher strength, lighter weight, increased control of light spectrum, and greater chemical reactivity.

Applying NANO Technology into motor oil is the brain child of SAZ Engineering, a Singapore-based international engineering company with a rich history of handling engines and motors of major international ship owners, world renowned shipyards and international land transportation companies. With extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with complex and expensive engines and motors, they understand engine oils and they understand you.

The main function of motor oil is to reduce wear on moving parts, cleans, prevents corrosion and cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts. Embracing latest technology and innovation, our of SAZ MOTOR OIL with SAZ FSNT Formula provides Revitalization to your vehicle as it is based on metal plating technology (patented in USA) which restores metal surfaces of the engines to reverse the wear. As a result, a new coating is formed on the surface of the friction pairs and this new coating possesses unique properties of an amazing durability with high corrosion resistance and very smooth surface. Thus, making a difference to your engine performance and going beyond stretch of your distance.

GBS Motoring Activities:

  • GBS SAZ Motor Oil proudly sponsors Nickey Jones Bautista a Toyota Vios Circuit-Racer
  • Partnerships with Auto and Motoring specialists for Free Labor on Oil Change
  • GBS SAZ Motor Oil proudly sponsors Fritsy Claveria a Motorcycle Circuit-Racer

SAZ Motor Oil products with NANO TECHNOLOGY

SAZ Titanium
with FSNT Formula Fully Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-50
SAZ Gold
with FSNT Formula Fully Synthetic Motor Oil 10W-40
SAZ Black
Mineral Engine Oil 20W-50 best used with Ultimate Restorer
SAZ Ultimate Restorer
Engine Treatment additive technology patented in the USA